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American Way magazine
The owners keep their home furnishings and accessories store stocked with contemporary designs like leather and chrome couches, cube chairs and hand-blown glass vases

Breathe Magazine
Apartment Zero encourages young artists who have the vision to create products of the future, today.

Chicago Tribune
At ICFF, real leather was used in innovative ways by several manufacturers, including Leolux at the Apartment Zero booth.  Adam’s Temptation is a large leather ball, into which company representative Christopher Ralston obligingly sat down, then stood up to show how the ball chair gives way and then bounces back into shape

Decorating Spaces
Designers Cheryl Ransone and Shannon Wang from Apartment Zero, Washington DC's home furnishings and accessories emporium specializing in industrial design, suggested keeping the rear room, which can be closed off with sliding doors, probably as a den. the room has a full bath so it can be quickly converted into a guest room when needed. They used a tan and beige palette for the ceiling and walls, while the red orange carpet tiles from interface FLOR gave the room more warmth

Dwell Magazine
In the center of DC, Apartment Zero reveals in contemporary design

Eat. Shop guide
It makes sense that this distinctive store is situated among notable art museums…in fact, you’re bound to learn as much about modern design as you would any art museum. Consider it DC’s MOMA, without the long lines to get in, and you get the opportunity to own the design icons on display

Elle Décor
The place to shop... the contemporary boutique Apartment Zero showcases Karim Rashid, Marc Newson and Blu Dot

Elle Décor
Where to Shop in Washington, DC

Elle Magazine
The pioneer in bringing contemporary home furnishings to DC is Apartment Zero in Penn Quarter

This swank housewares store describes itself as appealing to Frank Gehry fans, and almost everyone else who wants a leg up on the latest in furnishings and accessories is not likely to be disappointed. If you're looking for pieces or just ideas to give your own house a hip, downtown look, look no further

Food & Wine Magazine
The Washington, D.C. design revolution began at Apartment Zero

House Beautiful
Washingtonians need not go to New York for their design fix. Apartment Zero stands in as a contemporary design museum in a city where Corinthian columns are still the order of the day. The refreshing emporium pulls no punches with up to the instant home furnishings curated from around the globe

In Style Magazine
This well-edited furnishings shop near Union Station features contemporary house wares from Alessi, Missoni and Kartell.  It’s THE place to pick up hip hostess gifts or bold lighting fixtures

Lucky Magazine
Downtown’s Apartment Zero is an exceptional source for slick furnishings and home accessories from Rosenthal teapots and iittala kitchen tools and more

Lucky Magazine
The idea that form should follow function may not be new, buts it gets an energetic spin at Apartment Zero, located in Washington DC's hip arts district. Owners Christopher Ralston and Douglas Burton have stocked their shop with a large range of up-to-the-minute design items-all of them quite practical

Lucky Magazine
Apartment Zero showcases a slew of front-runners for 21st century styling

Lucky Magazine
Urban furniture and groovy home essentials draw shoppers from all corners of the district to this shop. It's arranged like an apartment, with a dining area, living room and sleeping quarters

Metropolis Magazine
Apartment Zero features today’s leading Dutch designers

Metropolitan Home
Apartment Zero showcases the water pitcher from Fink Design, this Canberra Australian firm founded by Robert Foster

Metropolitan Home
Shoppers in the nation’s capital now have a dramatically stylish place to buy state-of-the-art home furnishings. Apartment Zero artfully displays wares from over 75 companies, both European and American

MICA Newsletter: Baltimore
Buy*Product is curated by Ellen Lupton and hosted by Apartment Zero, who has generously offered their space and retail expertise in order to support the MBA new graduate program in graphic design. Douglas Burton explains that Apartment Zero is proud to help nurture design at its source. By providing an atmosphere of support, Apartment Zero hopes to encourage those with a passion for design to push the boundaries of creativity and in this process, create the products of tomorrow.

National Geographic Traveler
Washington's no longer need to hop the Metroliner to New York to get their modern design fix. From Italian barware to clean-lined desks, this home furnishings and accessories store is a paean to the urban aesthetic

The New York Times
Douglas Burton, one of the owners of Apartment Zero, a design store in Washington, made a pass through Eindhoven for the store's show of Dutch design pieces last year. Apartment Zero stocks pieces by Eindhoven graduates. "People don't understand it, but are interested in exploring it", Mr. Burton said. If Eindhoven is becoming more practical, he said, it reflects the new manufactures in the Netherlands and their hunger for unfettered, but buildable designs

Paper City: Houston
When Douglas Burton and Christopher Ralston were in Houston before moving to Washington DC, this design duo was on our speed dials as a creative force. Now they have started a home design revolution in DC, where Vitra, Artifort, Angela Adams and Marcel Wanders pack their sprawling store. They may have exited, but we are still calling on these favored Houstonians to hear what’s hot in the homeland.

Smithsonian Magazine
Don’t miss other exciting Quebec events taking place in the Washington area this winter.  The Canadian Embassy and Apartment Zero host All Horizons/Quebec Design, a stunning showcase of contemporary design with more than 100 industrial design objects by Quebec designers, ranging from lighting and glass to textiles and furniture

Southern Living
With their passion for fashion and their minds for design, Douglas and Christopher give anyone walking the streets of downtown DC a reason to stop and stare. They work closely with different embassies to showcase popular styles from various countries. See their philosophy at work by taking a visit to this ultracontemporary shop.

Surface Magazine
Donatella does Chelsea, they do the rest of DC..You may have just missed the month-long extravaganza of Dutch design, which ended in early April, but Washington DC’s Apartment Zero offers some of the best in cutting-edge contemporary design year-round. “we are very interested in being a part of an urban business district, in promoting its energy”, Says Ralston, who was ready for a dose of city after his job managing suburban malls transferred him from Houston in 1997. Ralston saw an opportunity in Washington DC, a city not known for its design savvy. “Doug, you’ve got to come up and see what’s not happening, and he did.” Besides organizing events like Celebrating Dutch Design and bringing high-end products like Vitra and Mono tabletop’s Bauhausian tableware to Washington, Apartment Zero showcases smaller names like Pure Design, Offi and Benza. As Ralston sees it, the lipstick-rep walls is all about bringing a sense of vitality, energy and lifestyle to the capital, plus a whole lot of personality.

Surface Magazine
Apartment Zero operates under the Arts and Crafts philosophy that there should be ‘nothing in your home that isn’t beautiful and functional.’ Overflowing with chic furniture, lighting, accessories and art

Surface Magazine
Douglas Burton and Christopher Ralston opened Apartment Zero in Washington DC’s 7th street arts district 10 years ago, almost nobody inside the beltway was campaigning for contemporary design. So the duo joined forces and like seasoned lobbyists, they pressed their case by offering sleek pieces from Droog to Tom Dixon to Vitra. Early next year, they will reopen with a new location, continuing the museum-quality exhibitions and lectures they are known for, such as this Spring’s Foodjects show which imported an array of Spanish tabletop design to the U.S.

USA Today, 10 Great Places for Tree-Trimming Treasures
A hip place to buy contemporary designer furniture for the 21st century

The store offers a variety of sleek and iconic furniture and furnishings and the design by Douglas Burton provides a witty and energetic backdrop for the product. The total effect is one of contemporary comfort

Who's Who in America

This seems to be everyone's favorite dc store. I prefer something a little smaller, but Apartment Zero does carry a fantastic selection of modern lighting and tabletop accessories. they have nice porcelain pieces as well.

Abitare, Italy
Apartment Zero is the well-known Washington, D.C. showroom, whose name underlines its home design and domestic lifestyle mission

Discovery Shanghai
Designed to resemble a glamorous and chic apartment, this Penn Quarter Paean offering the best in high design peddles the last design stars from Marcel Wanders to Marc Newson

El Mercurio Newspaper- Vivienda Decoracion, Spain
Provocadores Sociales

From Spain
Foodjects exhibition combines design with Haute Cuisine in Washington DC at Apartment Zero. One hundred objects for the kitchen and everyday living that were created in recent years by leading Spanish designers, were included in the exposition.

Wallpaper Magazine
One of DC’s interiors meccas

Wallpaper Magazine
The store offers a variety of sleek and iconic furniture and furnishings and the design provides a witty and energetic backdrop

What they are saying locally

At Home
Coinciding with Unesco’s naming of Montreal as Design City of the year, works from Quebec’s top industrial designers are on view at the Canadian embassy and Apartment Zero, which are showcasing more than 100 prototypes and production pieces

DC Modern Luxury
Washingtonians are taking off their conservative edge and living  new lives in spaces that shy away from mahogany and brass, Apartment Zero interior designer, Raed Alawadhi says..People are becoming more free in choosing what they want in their homes. There’s true hunger for good, modern design in DC

DC Modern Luxury
Apartment Zero has been bringing in the big boys for years: Marcel Wanders, Jonathan Adler, Karim Rashid. But it has always been before they morphed into design juggernauts.  So when Douglas Burton and Christopher Ralston announced they would be bringing  Australia’s Fink and Co to town this month, the modernist masses took note.  Collaborating with the Embassy of Australia, visitors are invited to  the embassy’s gallery to view an array of Fink products while a selection of the same goods is spotlighted in AZ's showroom

DC Modern Luxury
“From Zero to Sixty” click here to open pdf file

DC Style
To help the masses turn their visions into reality, Burton and Ralston have created a space where customers feel welcome, not intimidated. Apartment Zero has found its way into many high-profile spots in the District

The Georgetowner
Everyone is falling in love with Dutch design. Apartment Zero, the ultra-hip downtown showroom, packed close to 700 guests at their opening exhibit of Dutch design. Their collaboration with the Corcoran Gallery of Art brought designer Marcel Wanders to a full house for a lecture by the designer and Jurgen Bey the following day to the embassy itself. Apartment Zero also brought Jurgen Bey's tree trunk bench, which you may have seen on Phillip Stark's Hudson hotel in Manhattan

The Hill
“The Stuff of Life” http://thehill.com/opinion/op-ed/8044-stuff-of-life

Home and Design
DC’s apartment zero joins the Canadian embassy to present this special exhibit of Quebec based industrial designers

Home and Design
“Sleek and Serine” http://www.homeanddesign.com/article.asp?article=20892&paper=95&cat=160

There’s a stylish home goods store in downtown Dc called Apartment Zero, where I like to window shop and dream of purposefully chosen domestic décor. This week, I noticed something in their window that intrigued me even more than usual: an art exhibit called “Foodjects.” Inside the store, a long table appears prepared for a banquet, laden with various vessels and gadgets related to eating and drinking. Each piece has a unique and whimsical element in its design, some that compel you to say “Cool!” more often than is generally considered, well, cool.

This celebration of Quebec Design is an educational show at the embassy and Apartment Zero that teaches the playful and industrial aspects of Quebec design.  For sale are careful selected pieces to complement the exhibit, items which are youthful, eco-friendly and indicative of the diverse dynamics of the region itself

“A Designer’s Heart Keeps Beating”


“The Domino Effect” http://www.washingtonspaces.com/2007/1/articles/the-domino-effect

The Washington Blade
Christopher Ralston and Douglas Burton build their lives around good design and are exercising their admiration for the Netherlands aesthetic with "Celebrating Dutch Design", their upcoming exchange with the Royal Netherlands embassy. "The Dutch have a higher standard for originality", says Ralston. "One might go so far as to say that the Dutch represent the substance of style." While Washington has not made a name for itself as the style capitol of anywhere, resident who have a chic vision of the national's capitol of tomorrow, should take time to celebrate in this event

Washington Business Journal
A contemporary home furnishings store offers cutting-edge designs and is thriving amidst a flourishing DC 7th Street arts scene

Washington Flyer Magazine, Best of 2001
To truly come away with the best the neighborhood has to offer, stop by Apartment Zero and say hello to owners Christopher Ralston and Douglas Burton. The duo offers handshakes as inviting as their amazing collection of home furnishings. The store boasts an assortment of contemporary cutting-edge home furnishings, quirky and colorful fare that blurs the line between fashion and architecture

Washingtonian Bride and Groom
This hip Penn Quarter houseware store carries a unique assortment of home furnishings and decorative accessories, and are the ones to watch for fresh new discoveries that are worth a look

Washingtonian Magazine, “Great Home Design, 2006”
The pieces are so sophisticated… home accessories both fine and funky help shoppers complete a room, along with 3 on-staff interior décor experts

Washington Post
The accomplished Dutch designer Marcel Wanders presided over the Moooi collection, which included youthful furnishings and a tongue and cheek crystal chandelier, which was on display during Washington’s recent Dutch design festival at Apartment Zero.

Washington Post
Giving the honorees of the National Design Awards the stage, or at least putting a few of them on the same panel for an hour, has occurred to Douglas Burton owner of Apartment Zero, the downtown design store. He has staged a series of design events in partnership with embassies, including a month-long festival of avant-garde Dutch design last year. This Spring, Burton sponsored a reception after a design symposium organized jointly by the Smithsonian Associates, the Parson’s School of Design and the Cooper-Hewitt. Burton says he learned only by accident that the National Design Awards were launched in Washington rather than New York. His store happens to sell furniture by a firm called Blu Dot, which was among the nominees last year. Last Month Burton wrote to the Cooper-Hewitt to offer help in expanding the event. He says he hasn’t had a response. “It’s such a missed opportunity not to expose the designers to the city”, he says. “You keep hearing everybody preach about democratic design. Well, let’s see that in action. What better place to do that than the nationals capital.”

Washington Post
Foodjects exhibition shows that new Spanish culinary delights are well served with a dash of design. A question for Emily Post: What is the proper dish for serving caramel popcorn, curried, compressed, then cold-cooked in liquid nitrogen? Some possible answers, in the form of suitably radical housewares, recently went on view at Apartment Zero in a touring exhibition called Foodjects: Design and the New Cuisine in Spain. Curated by Spanish designer Martin Azua and funded by his government, it ’s the latest in a series of one-country shows hosted by Apartment Zero, and design store and studio in Penn Quarter.

Washington Post
Apartment Zero and the Embassy of Spain are collaborating to present “Foodjects:, an exhibit of more than 100 kitchen objects that opens today at the store. Curated by Barcelona-based designer Martin Azua, the show includes Javier Mariscal’s cutlery, a Rosenthal coffee service from Patricia Urquiola and decorative pieces designed by Jaime Hayon for Lladro.

Washington Post
Get context for understanding the Phillips Collection “Morandi: Master of Modern Still Life” tonight at the gallery’s monthly evening event when Apartment Zero owner Douglas Burton talks about the work of industrial designers, the folks who create the useful objects of the sort you see in the paintings.

Washington Post
Chances are you may have heard that Montreal is a stylish place.  Now some of its stylishness has arrived in button down and khakis Washington.  In collaboration with Apartment Zero, the Canadian embassy has organized a touring show called All Horizons/Quebec Design, with some objects to be seen or even bought at the downtown design store Apartment Zero

Washington Post
The very model of a modernism capital, Apartment Zero showcases wares from the newest generation of modernist furnishings to classic Alvar Aalto vases, catering to these with streamlined tastes

Washington Flyer
We’re bowled over by the stunning Khala Abra cadabra porcelain serving bowls at Apartment Zero, used to serve soup, tapas or even sauces

Washington Post
Apartment Zero presents the Wet Lamp from non design, a personal science project, white lab coat not included, that uses water to conduct electricity, with a silver rod acting saw a dimmer switch, the deeper the contact, the brighter the bulb

Washington Post
The Netherland's Embassy and the Apartment Zero design store have joined forces to spirit the latest examples of Dutch avant-garde ceramic design from Milan to Washington. On exhibit are rarely seen vases and tableware from Hella Jongerius, Job Smeets and Marcel Wanders, whose works are in the collections of major museums

Washington Post
A Design feat of a different dimension occurred last week in the District’s 7th street arts corridor.  It is a classic example of the innovation and creativity lavished on objects that touch a few lives today, but which we hope will trickle down to the rest of us tomorrow.  At the Apartment Zero design store, wonders Christopher Ralston and  Douglas burton gambled correctly that customers were ready for the ultimate holidays bauble: a magnum of Dom Perignon champagne encases in a limited edition, neon green ice bucket.  Burton and Ralston had wrangled just six of the Newson buckets out of a worldwide run of 1,000. The object sold out at $1,000 each, making the national’s capital a global design hot spot, if only for the night

Washington Post  
Contemporary design, a rarity in the 1980’s can now be found in lofts, restaurants, boutique hotels, nightclubs, theatre lobbies and airport terminals. The latest wares-from Frank Gehry chairs and Walter Gropius dinnerware to Richard Sapper lighting and a rare Hella Jongerius sofa-are sighted in retail stores such as Apartment Zero

Washington Post  
Dutch star Marcel Wanders trekked around ICFF in mint green shoes. He was spotted easily by Douglas Burton, who had invited him to speak at Washington’s Spring Dutch design festival.  The Designer’s limited-edition "Can of Gold" project to aid the homeless has almost sold out, Burton reported.  The Dutch connection has effectively transformed Apartment Zero into a national source for high design.  And it propelled Burton onto the pages of the trendy Surface magazine…He had the opportunity to exhibit Dutch designs at a special event on Monday night, along Murray Moss of Moss and David Shearer of Totem, two of NY’s most influential design purveyors…

At the fair, Burton got his first look at the Finnish group Snowcrash, whose acoustical surfacing he had seen on MTV. He made plenty of room for affordable storage modules for Blu dot, who collection exemplifies the new American aesthetic

Washington Post
In a modest vignette at a downtown design store, the future is coming into view. A collection of objects for body, office and home designed by Generation Next went on display this week at Apartment Zero. Witty designs signal the creator's demographic: they are graduate students at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. But several provocative products offer highly original thinking about lifestyles ahead

Washington Post
The line between art appreciation and smart shopping has become hopelessly blurred, and everyday living can be the richer for it. As design and art shows now on view demonstrate, museum curators gather the best of the best to put on a stellar event. But savvy retailers can order up some of the same objects to sell. As Douglas Burton of Apartment Zero discovered, Tappio Wirkkala's famous white porcelain paper bag was not available anywhere in the US. So Burton has changed that, and in partnership with the Embassy of Finland, he has stocked the store with Wirkkala masterpieces, from barware to art glass

Washington Post
The collaboration between the embassy and the design store began last spring. When the Embassy of Finland staged a retrospective or Tappio Wirkkala. Apartment Zero made space for some of the late designer's iconic pieces. Apartment Zero's first adventure in design diplomacy was a joint venture with the Royal Netherlands Embassy in the Spring of 2002. Working with the Dutch cultural counselor, they helped organize a month-long festival of contemporary Dutch design. The sale of each Can of Gold raised money for a local food bank, while also raising the profile of Dutch Design. Apartment Zero and the embassy sent the furnishings on tour to Mexico City and Los Angeles

Washington Post
With hundreds of co-conspirators in Washington this week for the annual conference of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), the Apartment Zero design store commandeered display windows along 7th and D streets to show off local talent. Seven area industrial designers jumped at the opportunity to install prototypes and production pieces. No products are for sale, but information about the exhibit is available at Apartment zero where the tour starts

Washington Post
The Netherlands Embassy and the Apartment Zero design store have joined forces to spirit the latest examples of Dutch avant-garde ceramic design from Milan to Washington. On exhibit are rarely seen vases and tableware by designers whose works are in the collections of major museums

Washington Post
Dutch festival may help put DC in a new world. Thanks to the efforts of a handful of Washingtonians, and a design revolution that just won't quit, DC has edged its way onto the circuit. Washington's novel collaboration between Apartment Zero and the Royal Netherlands Embassy will bring prominent Dutch designers and container-loads of the most inventive furniture and objects making the rounds today. The Dutch events were the brainstorm of Douglas Burton, owner of Apartment Zero. He argues that a local design culture has been on the verge of happening, and that DC may be a tradition-conscious city but the attitude here is very progressive. People just didn't have an outlet to express that

Washington Post
Washington’s novel collaboration between Apartment Zero and the Royal Netherlands Embassy will bring three prominent Dutch designers and container-loads of the most inventive furniture and objects making the rounds today. The Dutch events were the brainstorm of Douglas Burton, owner of Apartment Zero

Washington Post
Washington’s burgeoning collaboration between embassies and a local design merchant continues this fall with a celebration of Finnish glass. During the month-long run, the downtown design store Apartment Zero will be staging a mini-exhibition of Oiva Toikka’s commercial pieces

Washington Post Express
With its olive oil ice cream and garlic octopus foam, Spanish cuisine ranks as the world’s most cutting-edge, inspiring wild tabletop designs such as fruit bowls makde of ornage bags and tead sets with handles shaped like horses. See over 100 hot items at the Foodjects exhibit at Apartment Zero

Washington Post Express
“Tome Improvement” http://www.expressnightout.com/content/2009/05/tome_improvement_love_your_library_with.php

Washington Post Express
“A Playful Twist for culinary Thingies: Foodjects” http://www.expressnightout.com/content/2009/06/a_playful_twist_for_culinary_thingies_fo.php

Washington Post Home
People today want to express personality in their homes, and I don’t think you can do that by being extremely minimal.  A Funky graphic print in a pillow, lampshade or a small accent chair is a great way to express yourself without taking a big risk, says owner Douglas Burton

Ralston and Burton are a dynamic duo armed with an impressive background in shopping center know-how, marketing expertise and visual merchandising. Their extensive selection of well-designed products represents industrial design innovations, new materials, and developing technologies worldwide. Apartment Zero markets quality products to design savvy consumers and has continued to be a primary resource for contemporary achievement

Where Magazine
Many retailers claim to carry museum-quality merchandise. But downtown's Apartment Zero has actually installed mod furnishings at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. As part of an exhibit, Nordic Cool: Hot Women Designers, Apartment Zero's jaunty Reading Room plays hip Scandinavian pieces off walls striped in grey, pink and blue. These and other high style housewares from Denmark, Finland, Iceland Norway and Sweden also show up on the floor at Apartment Zero.  Nordic designers combine a sense of playfulness with an attention to how an object is used, says Grace Gottlieb, the stores’ event planner

Where Magazine, DC
Apartment Zero overflows with crisp, contemporary furnishings from Canadian, U.S., Dutch and Danish sources. Ralston and Burton's opening of this au courant modern design source in 1999 signaled the beginning of a retail renaissance here

Where Magazine, DC
Soho meets DC at apartment zero, a new furniture and house wares emporium in downtown's artsy 7th street

Apartment Zero has been featured on the following TV shows:

HGTV “I Want That”; HGTV“Curb Appeal”; HGTV “Design 2002”; HGTV “Design 2003"; NBC 4 Morning News; PBS: “Around Town”; FOX 5 Morning News