Clean and Contemporary in Reston


A retired teacher had always dreamed of being surrounded by contemporary color and 21st century design. Her wish was finally granted upon moving to a high-rise building in downtown Reston, Virginia. Apartment Zero created 3 distinct living spaces, all anchored in heather grey and apple green. One for lounging, one for eating and one for visiting. Kasthall rugs grounded the space from which Moroso and Leolux seating elements could thrive. Glass tables from Bensen, lounge chairs from Offecct and storage pieces from Pastoe compliment the Arco Corian and stainless steel table with its Frame chairs in Spring green. Scandinavian shelving from Karl Andersson display a collection of hand-made birds. LZF lighting in slivers of wood hang above to create an airy lightness to the room. Memory boxes inspired by On Kawara’s date paintings hide special memories, photos and letters inside.