Terms and Conditions for Sales to the Trade

When placing orders with Apartment Zero, please note the following: Once Apartment Zero has received your written purchase order and a 50% deposit to start production, your order will be placed into production with the manufacturer. Production of your order starts from the time payment is received, not from the time the order is received. From that moment forward, there can be no changes or cancellations to your order. Orders less than $10,000 and orders for products that are in stock and ready to ship within four weeks will require 100% prepayment. Please note the following conditions when accepting your delivery: Please notify us of any damage, loss, product shortage or other issues within 3 business days of receiving. Failure to do so may result in loss of claim or resolution. You must open and inspect all packages upon receipt to check for any concealed damage or product shortage and report any issues to us within 3 business days from delivery. Items are not returnable for refunds or credits. All sales are final. No cancellations or changes may be made after submitting your purchase order and deposit to us. Apartment Zero cannot be held responsible for shipping delays or manufacturer’s delays. Once a product has been received by your warehouse, it is no longer the responsibility of Apartment Zero and from that moment forward, any damage or theft will not be the responsibility of Apartment Zero. If you are using a third party warehouse, it is their responsibility to unpack the product and alert you of any damage or product shortages within 3 business days.

Quoted lead times are considered approximates and should not be used for planning purposes or installation dates. Please allow for changes in lead times and order your product in advance of any installation dates to avoid changes in lead times. Apartment Zero is not responsible for delays as a result of weather, container or trucking issues, riots, war, loss at sea, strikes at the port or acts of God. Payment is due in full prior to items shipping from their country of origin. Products always ship to a commercial loading dock. Other arrangements can be made for white glove or residential delivery by referring you to a third party delivery service who will contract with you directly. Apartment Zero is not responsible for any disputes or issues resulting from a contract with a third party delivery service. If your order arrives prior to the quoted lead time and your warehouse cannot receive your order, arrangements can be made to store your product for a storage fee.

Apartment Zero’s vendors extend warranties from 1-5 years. Please contact us for a list of warranties by vendor. Apartment Zero’s vendors offer trade discounts depending on vendor as well as volume of each sale. Please contact us for a list of trade discounts, quick-ship products, freight quotes and general lead times.

All COM and COL materials must be sent from the fabric/leather manufacturer directly to the vendor for upholstery. We cannot accept these shipments and send on your behalf. The fabric/leather manufacturer is responsible for all shipping fees, duties and taxes. All fabric and leather shipments overseas must be sent DDP.

Apartment Zero’s trade department does not sell to the end user. Therefore, all purchase orders and payments must come from a member of the trade and not their client. All communication and correspondence is between Apartment Zero and the trade. The trade member is responsible for communicating with their client or the end user directly. Thank you for your business.